14 January, 2012

Hada Labo...SAVE MEEE!

Went to the local Mitsuwa to get some skincare products. I heard raves about the Hada Labo Shirojyun Milk ($14.99)..so I bought it to try! (it's the blue label one)

The one next to it is the Shirojun Moisturizer ($17.49)...I hope after using them my skin will return to NORMAL.
For some reason LA weather has been very dry...Usually I have normal acne-controlled skin..but not anymore!! Thanks to this harsh Murad T-Zone Pore Gel (wtvr..) product...which ITCHED |STUNG | BURNED when I applied it onto my T-zone area..

The next morning..my tzone area broke out...with acne/pimples...


This is quite upsetting...For people who have normal nice looking skin...to break out in hives overnight feels like the end of the WORLD.
(of course there are larger worldly profound issues to worry about..but IT SURE FEELS THAT WAY)

but I did not despair....right now my face isn't breaking out anymore..I resolve to not use anymore neutrogena, clean and clear, or cetaphil products coz it's too much for my face...sticking with Asian brands from now on...
Hopefully my beautiful face can come back to me!!

and lately LA's weather has become increasingly dry...a few of my friends who NEVER broke out DID, and some others who already have problems went from a level 2 to 6...

UGH!! Must fix!

right now i'm using aveeno...no more olay for me either...it STINGS my facial skin! perfect for hands though...
my mom keeps insisting that my skin will just adapt to the lotion...
of coz..i gave all the products i can't use to her...
which WILL include the unopened Neturogena facial cleanser...fresh from Amazon LLC lol ..

10 December, 2010


i told myself:

no email for 2 days

now i'm checking it and there's a LOT of catching up to do.

lesson: NEVER stall

Too many time sensitive info!

Alrights. back home.

and already scheduling hangout dates :)
oh yeah. this winter break ima make it special and amazing...

for myself.

duh .
no use wallowing in despair and being negative. :)
my dear friends Casey and Kevin, I'll see you next year!  ;) I'll never forget our awesome day at Santa Monica!! 

08 December, 2010


FINALs are DONE for me.

i know i def got C and higher for all my classes, def 2 classes have As...the rest...is really ?!!??! bc of late submitted assignments ...and late to class...and skip cla...

O WTVR. i'm just hoping that i effing pass my classes ..don't care about honors...if something's not my forte, why force it ..so hard? 

when you can work on something that you are just...  extremely talented at? 

so it's like ...i used to do this: OMG MY MATH IS BAD. then work on math math math and neglect other subjects...my writing skills plummeted. 

then i work on writing , then fail math but amazing in writing...

kinda like that. but now that i'm in college. i choose to concentrate on music. why stress so hard on other subjects when there is one subject that comes back over and over, never leaves you ..it's so LIKE fate. (didn't say it is. i said it's LIKE) 

so i posted this up on fb too: 
i didn't know I look like Cho Hyun-young from Rainbow! crazy... 
link for YOU to find out if you look like a korean celeb...i know it's been out for HELLA long but you'll be surprised how different you change and the matches they put out for u

alright. going back home in a few hours! excited? not really..it's cold dark and gloomy in comparison to the nice nice nice weather in LA ;( 



05 December, 2010

update! awesome performance!

yes. i'm still UP.
omg i hate being up at this late hour...that means i will wake up late tmw...and will barely have time to study what i really need to study...

but done with a performance! YAYY!
(that's what i was in! University Chorus! yay)

too bad i dont have ANY pictures during performance coz i DIDNT BRING A CAMERA and nobody has like.. pictures loaded up on fb so i cant even show yall how AMAZING that was!

HOWEVER, i do have BB uploads of rehearsal time! :)
 this was during the rehearsal of the violin + viola concerto :) the stradivarius was USED! yay! i have never sat this close to watch a rehearsal/performance before! so cool:) 
this is from where i am standing in the chorus :) well.. the girl with curly hair is the first row, i am on the 2nd! ..see the empty seats? we were rehearsing noon time on sat!!! 

despite having the 'scare' from professor neuen that we only sold 935 tickets for a 1800 seater venue at Royce Hall, we managed to get FULL HOUSE tonight! thank you for all the supporters! my professor and ta were so hAPPY that they shook my hand afterwards and both nearly teared up bc of the performance =_=;

(i was kinda shocked coz i never expected the professor to take my hand and shake it just like that ...father to daughter style, and didnt expect the ta to hug me and exclaim her happiness either)

...and the fact that out of 150 chorus performers ..they did jsut that...

what sucks is ...THEY DON"T EVEN REMEMBER MY NAME JUST MY FACE.. sucks =_=

well...music of the ...morning? I'm still in classical mode right now, so listening to

"Laudamus Te" from Mozart's mass in c minor

well...this soprano is a bit... strong, i guess tonight's soloist was a bit more sweeter* ;) but nonetheless one of the better recordings i can find on youtube!
*=open for anyone's interpretation

o. yeah. and about the performance on thursday...it was good, but not great. i guess i expected a higher standard for myself when i perform chinese music instruments...and what happened that day was INEXCUSABLE for me. basically ... i made a mistake during the performance of bringing only half the score to perform ...although i was called on last min to perform with a diff ensemble (literally...) i couldn't believe I LEFT HALF MY SCORE IN MY LOCKER. it was something new and a hard lesson learned...

lesson: memorize music....